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“As a pastor, I am always searching for ways for our community to step deeper into relationship with Jesus Christ. The Week/Month of Guided Prayer is an excellent way to do just that.”  Rev. Kimberly Jenne, Webster Hills United Methodist Church

“Until we hosted a Month of Guided Prayer, we had no idea of the spiritual hunger of our local faith community. The Month of Guided Prayer provided the spark to let us respond to the Holy Spirit. We continue to give thanks for the opportunity of spiritual growth that the MGP has provided our faith community.”  Michael Durbin, Spiritual Direction Ministry, St. Paul Parish, Highland, IL

“It is no secret that young adults, especially college students, find it difficult to carve out time for prayer and reflection in their daily lives. The Week of Guided Prayer provided our students with a chance to carve out that space intentionally and to experience a spiritual guide walking with them throughout the week. It gave our students the gift of pause in their overbooked and over committed lives.” Troy Woytek, Director of Ministry at Catholic Student Center at Washington University

“One of our greatest assets as a parish at St. Catherine Laboure is to accept folks where they are and move them forward. Of course this most definitely includes their faith life. This retreat – the Week of Guided Prayer – was perfect for our parishioners guiding each and every one of them to a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. As a result we have become a stronger community in Christ.” Peggy Brinkmann, Director of Religious Education, St. Catherine Laboure Parish

“The week/month guided prayer was wonderful. Prayer is like climbing a mountain and the Week/Month of Guided Prayer is like tying yourself together for the journey to a place you will only know when you get there. Do not be afraid. God is always with us through the presence of others.” The Rev. Roderic D. Wiltse, Priest Associate, Emmanuel Episcopal Church